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Adam’s Reign is Out!

Today is an exciting day! After months of preparation, prayer, and hundreds of hours of writing and research, Adam’s Reign is available to the public! People everywhere will get to hear the great story of God’s exploits in ancient earth, how He is the unchanging focal point of the universe and all of our stories find their meaning in His own.  I pray that everyone who reads it is touched and reminded of their place in His-story.

The Hidden Kingdom Book 1 Adam’s Reign is available to buy in print HERE and Kindle Ebook HERE. You can also get it as an ebook on ibooks, nook, kobo, tolino, playster, scribd, 24symbols, and overdrive HERE.  Within the coming months, some stores should have it as well!

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The Hidden Kingdom Series First Installment

Here we are! After six months of praying, seeking, and – most obviously – writing, my new supernatural adventure series is off to an exciting start with Book 1 Adam’s Reign. This book is set in perhaps one of the most mysterious times in human history, and it gives us a personal look at the lives of some of the very first people that lived on earth. In the midst of a time where dinosaurs(dragons) walked the earth alongside giants – yes, I said giants – and ordinary men sometimes lived to be over 9 centuries old, we find a small family caught up in a spiritual war. The crazy part is that it’s the same war we all face everyday today, whether we realize it or not – the battle for our souls.

So, please join me in being excited about it’s upcoming publication, and grab a copy when it comes out! You should be able to see it available within the next couple of months in print or ebook format. I’ll update here when it’s officially launched.

The good news is, this is only the first of a several-book-long series that dives deep into the human condition, unveiling the nature of our common enemies, the roots of our personal flaws, and – most importantly – the source of our only hope.